What inspired us to start Providence Foods?

What inspired us to start Providence Foods?

A couple of years ago we went to Bali with the kids & always got up early to walk along the beach…you couldn’t get near the water due to the plastic washing in from the ocean. Though the big graders were there to Clear it up, every morning it was the same… it was horrible! Other times we visited, it was clearer but it Was always on our minds as to where all that plastic really ended up.

Wanted to get into something that we could work together in, something local & something that felt like We were making a difference. It was also a lifestyle choice that we were after

We wanted to be within walking distance of home, work together in an environment that we enjoyed & have that community vibe around us. We love the fact that we know our customers individually, they always have time to chat and it’s great to learn lots of new recipes…oh and tips & tricks!

Mountain Gate used to be a thriving shopping area, and it’s beginning to thrive again. There are so many local, small shops that know & care for their customers. We are lucky enough to be a part of that now and have the opportunity to introduce a sustainable lifestyle.

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