Our Goal

If you visit us in-store, bring your jars and refill them with all your supplies. We have become too used to buying products that are great for the environment but then come wrapped in single-use plastics. We are avoiding that as much as humanly possible whilst providing you with great organic, sustainable shopping.

We want to provide you with everything you need on the daily basis without single-use waste.

No jars, no problem. We have them in store ready for you to buy waste-free.

Our products are Australian & ethically sourced

We feel that it is important to source Australian and where possible Victorian products and producers to support our community and minimise transport.

We try to find Australian products where possible. Beautiful olive oil from central Vic, dried apricots from South Australia, local honey, Australian peanuts for peanut butter, jams & relishes from Mornington Peninsula. We have Australian dried fruits, nuts and an extensive gluten-free range.

Comments from our visitors

A beautiful family-owned and run business. My favourite place to buy baking supplies. Fantastic flour quality, well priced and using sustainable packaging.

Amy Baker

Such a great place. All about sustainability and local foods. Bulk buy ingredients. It is an independent store which is even better. Support them. They also have a nice range of gifts available and skincare products

Sylvie Latarget-Duhamel

Fantastic range of bulk foods with zero-waste supply, well-considered layout, and thoroughly delightful staff — I’m going to come back here again and again!

Ross McKinlay

Newly opened so I decided to have a look. Lovely little shop and the owners were so friendly.
Such a great selection of organic foods, grains, snacks and even sustainable shopping bags, food savers and eco-friendly baking mats etc.

Alicia Lowe